Agent research is the writers’ online dating

10 Apr

First, I must give all apologies, constant readers (all twelve of you) for my hiatus. I was feverishly revising to enter a new contest and then I was feverishly researching agents to start querying after I’m cut from ABNA this Tuesday.

Querying agents feels remarkably like online dating, both in method and the overall feeling it gives after going through agent after agent for hours.

The agent profile and the online dating profile have a lot in common:

Like and dislikes

“Walks on the beach, spicy food, black and white photography” Vs. “Stories with strong female leads, thrillers, historical true crime, etc.

Accomplishments and Hopes

This is where they show how good that they already look on paper, but one day they hope to look even better on paper.

Preferred method of contact

    “Let’s get coffee…catch a game…fly a kite” Vs. “Please include a 1000 word synopsis within the body of your email….”

I don’t even see a difference: same words, different language.

You cull the ones that are obviously not right for you, then compare the ones left with the ideal match you have in your head. There are a few perfect ones (that may be out of your league) and others that are good but also seem approachable (the agent-next-door-types, you know).

Then you try for the connection:

Then you contact them…tempt them into contacting you back…each correspondence gets a little bit longer until…THE CALL!

All leading to hoping you both put your names on a binding piece of paper.

I rest my case.


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