4 Jan

The Secret Place (Dublin Murder Squad, #5)The Secret Place by Tana French
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It actually took me quite a while to finish the last 20% of this book. I started it, and ate the majority of it up in a flash, but had to put it down in order to finish a book club book. And I didn’t pick it back up for months. I think the reason I didn’t pick it back up was a feeling I’d started to get that the main thing at stake was a detective’s career–which is never enough for me personally to continue, but even less so when I’ve only had one book to become attached.

However, I rated this five stars because I finished it last night and was blown away once more by French’s gorgeous writing. It fulfilled everything I want in a elevated/psychological mystery and makes it official that I have loved everything she has written thus far. As soon as I see an unfamiliar title, I’ll be pre-ordering.

If you want big twists at the end, or shocking violence–there are others who do this well. Tana French lays the surprises at your feet on every page–not in 180 turns but in the familiar but extraordinary internal conflicts that push the book forward. The identity of the killer, however, not usually a surprise as much as the inevitable end of a brutal road.

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