Any Horror But This

Andi joins Dr. Ramona Greene’s study in hopes it will end her terrifying sleep paralysis, but not everyone wants it cured.

Andi doesn’t want to believe in demons, but each morning an apparition that feels as real and heavy as her own body torments her in the twilight place between dreaming and wakefulness. Desperate to reconcile these impossible visions with her no-nonsense world view, Andi is excited to meet others with similar experiences. The participants grow increasingly nervous as the researchers give them experimental medicine, attach electrodes to their scalp, and lock them in sound-proofed rooms to sleep.


Andi’s condition worsens as her nightmares start to seep into her daytime life. Fearing her hallucinations may haunt her forever, she fails to see the true danger until it’s too late. Andi and Ramona are kidnapped and forced into a new, darker experiment. With Ramona as unwilling assistant, their kidnapper pushes Andi into intense dream states that blur the line between sleep and death. With or without Ramona’s help, Andi must fight for both her life and her mind.

This isn’t the kidnapper’s first experiment, and his other subjects haven’t survived. To escape, Andi must play along with his delusions, at the risk of falling deeper into her own.

Any Horror But This is complete at 85,000 words and would appeal to readers who enjoy the emotional focus of Tana French and the psychological tension of Night Film by Marisha Pessl. Sleep paralysis is a genuine disorder that fascinated many when featured in the documentary The Nightmare, but is underrepresented in fiction.

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