Any Horror But This

Andi can’t move, can’t scream, and when she opens her eyes the shadowman is always there.

Suffering from sleep paralysis, Andi is haunted each morning by hallucinations, and the worst is the incubus she calls the shadowman. Desperate to regain control of her mind, Andi enrolls in an experimental sleep study. The mysterious pills, electrodes attached to her skull, and sound-proofed rooms do nothing to keep the shadowman at bay, and Andi begins to suspect the lead researcher is more interested in studying her than curing her.

Unbeknownst to Andi, one of the other study subjects is running his own experiment. Obsessed with a shadowman of his own, he’s already left three victims along the banks of the Mississippi. The fourth will show him what he’s doing wrong. The fifth will be Andi’s best friend.

Each night in the sleep clinic makes Andi question her sanity. Each murder brings the killer comes closer to realizing that Andi is his perfect subject.

Complete at 90,000 words, ANY HORROR BUT THIS is a dual-POV psychological thriller.

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